terça-feira, 27 de agosto de 2019

Framingham F-Series Riesling 2013

South Africa wines can turn out to be not for the open mindset wine lovers. I learn over the period I lived there they twist some classical wine making into something unique, still, far away from the codes and standards of the French (that drive them crazy as I perceived in some events). Swartland is the land of the rebels, makes me remember the Portuguese Luis Pato, that were right into the target of making craft wines, leaving a persistence loving memory.

This F-series is from a producer in New Zealand that has the moto to go against ordinary. Can a screwcap 2013 Riesling beat the others. Yes it can!

Mineral, unripe stone fruit, has some tutti fruity mixed summer fruits in the aromas.

Balsamic, with fruit candies, mega concentration of sweet pineapple, so beautiful, curls in the mouth. I wonder it's strength and vigor.

Just bring me more, please. Highly recommended.


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