sábado, 16 de setembro de 2017

Hexagon 2013

Took me some years to put my mouth on this species. Made from Alvarinho, Antão Vaz, Viosinho and Verdelho.

In the aromas I could discover resin, wild flowers, fig and gooseberries. Brutal and petulant.

Lots of angles and mirror reflections. The pine tree resin strikes against us at first it is the chemical phase, then dried leaves of tea from multiple sources calms the chemical toxicity, then we have the extra ripe apricot. It swirls in compact mode. A luxury.

It may not please everyone because of the strong character, but it made me an addict.


Penny Viognier 2014

Aromas of pine tree resin, wild honey and some tea hints and crystals.

It propagates. Very round it swirls in the mouth. Ripe edgy, more peach oriented with some lemon that soon takes control. High concentration that takes the breath. Wild honey, ripe pear, so vicious and addictive. Ends salty with lemon, mineral and a light anise sensation. What a punch.


A.A. Badenhorst 2014

I loved the white blend from the same producer that I decided to jump into the red blend made from Shiraz, Grenache, Cinsault and the Portuguese Tinta Barroca, a usual blend partner in this area of the globe.

Aromas are austere. Moist soil, blackberries and alcohol turbo charge.

It's fresh, but is hard as stone. Light and spicy but everything passes without leaving a trace. Where did the joy went? It has an anise, and ends with a red fruit spark that disappears quickly.


quinta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2017

Branco da Talha 2014

Made with Roupeiro and Antão Vaz.

Aromas with wild honey, some cookies and lychee.

Dry, slightly chemical begins with lemon, keeps the honey in the mouth together with some fatty sensation that sticks. Ends long.

Ratting: ★★★☆☆

Quinta de Roriz Reserva 2010

Aromas are deep. Ripe plum. Flowers. Some vanilla.

Spicy, dark pepper, bold, rich concentration, balsamic, silky and robust. It is a controlled explosion of plum. Ends hot and drags the flavor with some milk chocolate.

Rating: ★★★★☆

domingo, 30 de julho de 2017

Veloblanc 2014

Feito a partir de Colombar, Chenin Blan e Viognier.

Aromas com goiaba algumas notas de laranja e no fundo pera.

Leve, cítrico, com goiaba e polpa de pera, cola-se à boca e ao tubo digestivo. Simples, lindo, muito bom para beber a solo.

Classificação: ★★★☆☆

Made from Colombar, Chenin Blan and Viognier.

Aromas with guava, some orange hints and in the bottom pear.

Light, critic, with guava and pear pulp that sticks to the mouth and the digestive tube. Simple, beautiful, amazing to drink solo.

Ratting: ★★★☆☆

Rocking Horse 2015

No Cabo existe a tradição de produzir vinhos feitos a partir de blends oriundos de parcelas especiais, para tentar escapar do domínio dos aborrecidos monocasta que a maior parte dos produtores coloca do mercado.

Este é feito a partir de Roussanne, Semillon blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin blanc e Clairette blanche.

Aromas com fruta madura com preponderância para o pêssego e alguma laranja.

Leve, fresco, cresce na boca, tem muito tutti-frutti saboroso combinado com sal que termina com raspa de laranja.

Classificação: ★★★☆☆

In the Cape there is a tradition of producing wines made from blends from special parcels, to try to escape the dominance of the boring single variety that most producers put on the market.

This one is made from Roussanne, Semillon blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin blanc and Clairette blanche.

Aromas with ripe fruit with lots of peach and some orange.

Light, fresh, it grows in the mouth with a lovely salty tutti-frutti that ends with orange peel.

Ratting: ★★★☆☆

domingo, 2 de julho de 2017

DeMorgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc 2016

Aromas com nectarina, groselhas amarelas, flores silvestres e limão.

O ataque a caminho do tubo digestivo é composto por mel, chá, ervas silvestres, groselhas amarelas e muita nectarina. Termina com limão, que perdura com as groselhas amarelas. Lindo.

Classificação: ★★★★☆

Full of aromas with nectarine, gooseberries, wild flowers and lemon.

The attack on the way to the digestive tube is made of honey, tea, wild herbs, gooseberry and kilos of nectarine. Ends with lemon that keeps persisting blended with the gooseberries. Lovelly.

Ratting: ★★★★☆

domingo, 25 de junho de 2017

Cartology 2015

Feito a partir de dois lotes de Chenin Blanc e Semillon provenientes de vinhas velhas.

Aroma resinoso, com mel, groselhas amarelas e pera madura.

Fresco, límpido, complexo. Mil folhas de coisas boas. Mineral no início onde tudo se esconde, depois vem o anis, as groselhas amarelas e especiaria, parece um tinto, acaba cheio de fruta madura e liberta um balsamo surpreendente. É uma beleza.

Classificação: ★★★★☆

This is made from two selected blends of Chenin Blanc and Semillon sourced in old bushes.

Aroma is resinous powerful, with honey, gooseberries and ripe pear. 

It fresh, clear and complex. Lots of layers to enjoy. Starts mineral which everything hides, then it comes the anise, the gooseberries and spice, it seems a red wine, ends up with ripe fruit blended with an amazing balsamic. It is so beautiful.

Ratting:  ★★★★☆

sábado, 3 de junho de 2017

Barolo della Tradizione 2013

Feito a partir de Nebbiolo .

Aroma escuro. Bagas e caixa de tabaco.

Na boca tem especiaria, pimenta preta, bagas e madeira torrada. Anda por lá anis, flores e acaba vegetal. O vinho tem feitio e só casa bem com a comida certa, como por exemplo carne assada.

Classificação: ★★★☆☆

Made from Nebbiolo.

Dark aroma. Berries and tobacco box.

In the mouth has spice, black pepper, berries and toasted oak. There is anise, flowers and some dry leaves. The wine has a strong character and only pairs well with the right food, such as, roasted meat.

Ratting: ★★★☆☆